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Navigating the world of universal barcoding can be complex, but we can simplify the process for you. Specializing in GS1 barcode setup, we offer a hassle-free service to get your products ready for the global market.


How It Works:


  • Barcode Configuration: After you set up the account, we proceed to configure your barcodes based on the product information you provide and send you a file with all the code images and names for you to add to your product labels seamlessly.
  • Effortless Process: Simply send us your product information via our file upload page, and we take care of the rest, from logging in to completing the setup.


Please Note: The GS1 registration set up and fee are not included in our service. Our role is exclusively focused on barcode setup. The cost of purchasing barcodes from GS1 is a separate expense.

GS1 Barcode Set Up. 10 Codes. More Options Available. Click to Choose

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